Secure your site with an SSL certificate!

A site that uses an SSL certificate enjoys greater authority in the eyes of its users since they feel more confident in providing personal data thanks to the encrypted connection. Moreover, it helps improve the search engine rankings of the site!

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Secure your site with an SSL certificate!

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are protocols that protect Internet communication.

The presence of the https:// protocol (instead of http://) in the navigation bar and small green padlock (on the left of the address) indicates that you are browsing a website that uses an SSL certificate.
This certificate, obtained through a validation process performed by a certification body, ensures that the information provided by users (such as personal data and passwords) is transmitted securely, thanks to an encrypted communication with the web server.

A site that uses an SSL certificate will be more authoritative in the eyes of a visitor, since they will feel more secure in providing information and personal data. In cases of interception, which can occur when using unsecured wi-fi networks, these data will be encrypted, i.e. they will not be readable.

The use of SSL protocols, therefore, has considerable advantages: unlike with the http://, there is a drastic decrease in the risk of sensitive data being stolen so it inspires greater confidence in the site being visited, as well as providing a positive return in terms of your online image, which will also help attract new customers!

To contribute to web security, Google requires websites to use SSL certificates to make it more secure for their browser Chrome users.

And in fact, for several months now they have started to give priority in the search results to those sites that use SSL certificates, adding a small green icon to the left of each result.

It goes without saying that the use of SSL certificates provides a further and important advantage in terms of indexing and therefore an improvement in the ranking of the site.

In addition, if a user visits an unsafe website, this is marked as "unprotected" and the user receives a message from Google telling them: "Your connection to this site is not private. You should not enter sensitive information (e.g. of passwords or credit cards) because they could be intercepted by malicious users."


Given that, according to statistics from last year (source StatCounter - GlobalStats), the Chrome browser is used by almost 65% of Internet users, it is a good idea to immediately install an SSL certificate on your site, so that you do not run the risk of losing the credibility you have gained up to now.

There are 3 types of SSL certificates: Standard, Wildcard and Extended Validation.

The presence of the green padlock corresponds to the Standard or Wildcard type of SSL certificate: in the first case the certificate provides for the validation of the domain only, in the second, of the organisation, so multiple subdomains are protected with a single certificate.

If the company name also appears in addition to the green padlock, this means that you are visiting a site with the Extended Validation type of SSL certificate. This certificate represents the highest level of validation, carefully checking each organisation to ensure its authenticity.

For more details and to better understand the main features of SSL certificates so you can know which one to use for your site, contact our staff right away: an operator will always be available to answer all your questions and to clear up any doubts!

Adopt the https:// protocol immediately and help to increate the credibility of your site in the eyes of its users, to protect the data that are exchanged between your site and visitors, and to improve the search engine rakings of your website.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your website with an SSL certificate by contacting us right now!
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