.ag - Antigua and Barbuda

Protect your name in Antigua and Barbuda !

.AG is the ideal extension to identify all the realities in Antigua and Barbuda

Registering a .AG domain is an effective way to protect your online identity in Antigua and Barbuda and in the world.

Domain registration .ag Protect your name in Antigua and Barbuda !



Country code top level domain (ccTLD)

Geographical Area


Country / Category

Antigua and Barbuda
€ 159+vta / year Register

Check your domain's availability .ag

Requirements for the extension .ag

  • The domain name must contain a minimum number of 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters excluding the tld length

Domain price .ag

How much does a domain cost .ag

Domain Prices .ag
Product Yearly Cost*
*  All prices are in Euro and VAT is excluded.
**  The final registration cost may vary based on registration requirements (e.g. Local presence, Premium Domain, Sunrise, etc.)
Internet domain registration .AG **  159.00
Internet domain registration .".AG"   159.00
Internet domain renew AG   159.00

Domain transfer rules .ag - Antigua and Barbuda


To perform a transfer, you must ask the current manager for the authorization code, or auth-info code.

To transfer a .ag domain, you need to obtain the nic-handle from the admin-c. Also, you should:

  • make sure the domain is not in REGISTRAR-LOCK or in HOLD status. If the domain is in LOCK status, the admin-c can ask the provider to unblock it,
  • make sure the email indicated for the admin-c is active,
  • make the transfer request in time and not near the expiration date,
  • make sure the domain has been registered for at least 60 days.

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